Weathered is Better

Although perfection is aesthetic in its own way, offering its viewer peace and a sense of control, I find that people are the most beautiful things on this planet. And man, are we weathered.

I think nothing is more satisfying than when a fellow human is thriving among the broken. We can’t make it through life without the challenges, frustrations and the devastating, but when we make it out the other side and can still love others, that’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

When I was in southern India this November, I met the most enchanting people. I heard many stories of great hardships, but those people were still thriving and loving deeply. I felt like their buildings were a reflection of them. Having faced much wear and tear, but still shining bright. The colors, the architecture, and the tattered yet surviving. I couldn’t stop clicking my camera at the beauty.

Below are my two favorite shots of these weathered buildings.




Posted for Wordpress Challenge: Weathered

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