My Temporary Friend

I was driving home for lunch today, scanning the town as I went, to see if there was anything to take a photo of. Finding nothing out of the ordinary, I gave up and drove down my street. That’s when I saw this strange owl statue resting on a car.


“Why on earth is there an owl statue sitting on a car?” I thought to myself. “Wait… is that a real owl!?” I flung my steering wheel to the side, jumped out with my camera, and tried to steady my hands, shaking profusely with excitement. I’d never seen an owl before!

There’s nothing like the rush of trying to capture a creature when you have no idea how long you will have with them (anyone else weird like me?). I only shot about three pictures before he got scared and flew into a nearby tree. I figured Hagrid would only be there temporarily so I jumped back in my car and sped home to get my longer lens (Hagrid is what I named him later, of course). Busting through the door, I yelled “This is a photography emergency, help me find my lens!” to my startled husband, and he very sweetly jumped up and we found it. I returned to Hagrid and had the best photoshoot of my life with that amazing creature. I’m not too sure he was very happy about it though, because he was asleep and I kept tapping my foot to get him to open his eyes (sorry Hagrid!). When my stomach growled at me for the fiftieth time I audibly thanked the owl for his time and let him go back to sleep. I’m still giddy from my time with Hagrid!



Posted for WordPress Challenge: Temporary


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tina Schell says:

    Funny, we had similar experiences this week! Mine was an eagle. Your owl shots are wonderful


  2. Wow, These owl shots are amazing. And I love that you thought it was a statue at first–that is hilarious. I say so, because that is exactly the kind of thing I might think to myself…and then say “Wait a minute!” Just like you did…WHAT is an owl statue doing on top of a car?!
    Haha… i love your whole story!


  3. Rupali says:

    Wow wonderful shots.


  4. stunning photos. Thanks for sharing them.


  5. WOW you were fortunate!! Nice captures


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